Medical Terminology


The purpose of the Medical Terminology course is to provide an introduction to the professional language used by those who are directly and indirectly involved with the art of healing. The course will also introduce those not currently involved in the health care environment to the language of medicine.

In addition, the course will provide participants with the basics of human anatomy and physiology. Course is for those involved in medical billing, medical coding, medical administration, emergency responders, public safety professionals, and those who wish to gain a more thorough understanding of medical terms and/or enhance the knowledge base they already have.


Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the Medical Terminology course, the participant will be able to analyze medical terms, correctly spell medical terms, pronounce medical terms and correctly read passages containing medical terms.


Course Content:

This course is presented in 15 modules:

1. Introduction to Medical Terminology

2. Body Structures

3. Word Parts

4. Integumentary System

5. The Breast

6. Musculoskeletal System

7. Nervous System

8. The Sensory System

9. Cardiovascular System

10. Lymphatic and Immune System

11. Respiratory System

12. Digestive System

13. The Endocrine System

14. Reproductive System

15. Urinary System



At the end of each module, there is a test. Participants must successfully complete the test before continuing to the next module. Participants that do not achieve 70% can review the module content and try as many times as necessary to advance and complete the course. Test questions are randomly selected from a test bank, making each test unique.



This online course is self-paced. Participants may leave the course at anytime and can resume where they left off. The duration will depend on the individual participant and their prior knowledge of the subject matter. On average, the course will take between 12 - 24 hours to complete.


Take-home materials:

Upon successfully completing all modules, there is a printable certificate for your records.