Duration: Level 1: 1 hour; Level 2: 2 hours; Level 3: 3 hours; Level 4: 4 hours

Peoplesavers is a four-level program developed by the Canadian Red Cross to teach safety awareness and first aid skills to elementary school-aged children.

Lessons taught by the Facilitator are supported by colouring workbooks for each level therefore, children will have fun learning.

Participants follow the Peoplesavers character for each level through a variety of everyday situations that are potentially dangerous, hence in this program they learn to check for safety, call for help, and care for an injured person.

In Conclusion, this is the best knowledge and skills that you can give to your child.

The Peoplesavers mascot is always there to reinforce the safety message: "Prepare! Stay Safe! Survive!"






Red Cross People Savers Facilitator and or Red Cross First Aid Instructor/Instructor Trainer with health care background who can understand different dilemma and can provide better understanding and skills.


  1. Level 1: Ages 5-6
  2. Level 2: Ages 7-8
  3. Level 3: Ages 9-10
  4. Level 4: Ages 11-12


Course Content
  1. Canadian Red Cross
  2. I am a People Savers
  3. Check for Safety
  4. Call for Help
  5. Care for a Person


Take-Home Material

People Savers Workbook

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