Dear Customer,

Thank you for your business. Happy clients are vital to the success of our business as are repeat business and referrals. I would appreciate it if you could spare just a few moments to write a testimonial on the services that we provided and your experience throughout the course including what you liked most about us. To help you with this request, the following questions may prompt some thoughts for you:

• What would you say is unique about me, my services or my way of doing business?

• In what way did I add value to the service for which I was engaged?

• In what ways did I make it easy for you to do business with me?

• Would you recommend me to others?

• Should the opportunity arise, would you use my services again?

I am also using this as a means of evaluating my customer satisfaction levels and would value any other comments you may wish to add, either as a part of your referral letter or separately to me personally.

Please call me should you have any questions or concerns about my request. I sincerely appreciate your help and look forward to our relationship continuing well into the future.