Axis Scientific Life-Size 3-Part Human Skull Model and Removable 8-Part Brain Bundle with 32 Numbered Features

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The Axis Scientific Life-Size 3-Part Human Skull with Removable and Numbered 8-Part Brain Model provides a detailed study of the skull and brain anatomy, complete with bony landmarks, grooves, and detachable parts that allow for a more thorough study of specific structures. This model is anatomically accurate and offers a high-quality display of the human skull and brain to aid in the understanding of their physiology.

This Axis Scientific anatomy model includes a skull with a removable calvarium (skullcap) and an articulating mandible (jawbone). The numbered brain model can attach and detach from the cranial cavity of the skull model and divide into 8 different parts. The skull and brain model includes a full-color detailed study guide that identifies all 89 anatomical parts on the model.

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