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The course has a pre requisite: Phlebotomy Certification is a must.

You have an option to book lab time to practice the skills learned during online training.

Option to select for self practice and or under supervision of an instructor.

Upon successful completion of online component certificate will be e-mailed after 24-48 hours.

Certificate is valid for 2 years.

Re-certification can be done before it expires.

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This introductory course is designed to assist health care personnel develop skills needed to draw blood samples for laboratory testing and to connect devices for infusions. Students explore history, anatomy, blood chemistry and hematology, appropriate equipment required and step by step guide to technique for phlebotomy procedure and such.

In this course, students will also identify potential complications with the procedure and solutions to remedy such complications. They learn how to record and report all pertinent information.

Students demonstrate and practice aseptic techniques while performing phlebotomy on mannequin arms using various needles. Students learn through a combination of theory and practical lab experience.

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