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2 complete hours in our skill lab.

Self paced practice, apply skills learned during online training.

Instructor led skills training and Q & A session during supervised skills training.

All necessary equipment is provided by the skills labs for practice during sessions.



This introductory course is designed to assist health care personnel develop skills needed. Make a reservation today and practive in our skill lab with mannequin. Apply your skills in the lab and gain confidence learned on your new skills that can save someone life. Practice CPR, Log roll, Care for Patient or Elderly, Venesection, attaching and ruuning infusion devices like syringe pumps. How to draw blood,  samples for laboratory testing.

Students demonstrate and practice aseptic techniques while performing phlebotomy on mannequin arms using various needles. Students learn through a combination of theory and practical lab experience.

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Lab Time

Lab Time (Hands On Practice), Lab Time with Instructor

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